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Washington State University Nutrition Program

Client Success Stories

Bathroom Scale

“Since I started the class I am eating bright fruits and vegetables; I never used to exercise, I am now exercising all the time. When I started the class I weighed 236 [pounds], now I am at 220 [pounds] and still losing. I am drinking water instead of soda. My kids are healthy and our house is happy!”

Adult participant, Spokane County

Stirring Pot

A woman who had classes while living in a shelter approached the [Food $ense] table at the CSO…and said, “I hoped I would run into [you] sometime so I could thank you. Before taking the [Food $ense] classes, I would frequently eat at fast food restaurants and would run out of money for food before the end of the month. Since taking the classes, me and my daughter are cooking together, eating healthier food at home and the food and money now last to the end of the month.”

Adult participant, Whatcom County


“My oldest daughter who’s a freshman this year completed five years of Food $ense…Education. Through the nutrition classes she learned about healthy [food] choices. She has lost at least 40 pounds [over 5 years]. She now requests and chooses healthy food for her lunch and snack bags…the nutrition classes were the most important classes my daughter ever had…Thank you for doing such an important job!”

High school parent, Grays Harbor County

Bowl of Cheerios

“Last week we were at the grocery store and my mom was going to buy [high sugar] cereal for my little brother, but I told her that that wasn’t a good choice for him and she should look at the food label. She saw how much sugar was in it and bought him [a low sugar whole grain cereal] instead, which I told her would be better.”

Third grade student, King County