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Washington State University Nutrition Program

Energize Your Life!

This information is for nutrition educators.Energize Your Life logo

Energize Your Life! Eat Healthy-Be Active is a message developed by the Nutrition Education Network of Washington to help promote nutrition and physical activity.

Click on the links below for resources to help promote Energize Your Life. If you encounter any problems with any of the files below, e-mail Christa Albice (

High Resolution Logos

Energize Your Life! Eat Healthy-Be Active logos are available as either high resolution .tif or resolution-independent .eps files. Right-click and select Save as… from the menu to save to your computer.


Energize Your Life; Eat Healthy, Be Active posters have delicious pictures of fruits and vegetables, yummy breakfasts and active people. Twenty different posters encourage people to add color to their life with fruits and vegetables, be active by playing with family and friends and moving to the music and starting their day by powering up with breakfast. Putting up a new poster every few weeks keeps them fresh and so people look for the posters and remember the messages.