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Washington State University Nutrition Program

Welcome to Eat Together, Eat Better (ETEB)

Eat Together, Eat Better

When families eat together, they eat better. When families eat together they eat more nutritiously and a greater variety of foods. Families report better communication as a benefit from eating together. Families enjoy celebrations and bond around family meals. The Eat Together, Eat Better (ETEB) resource tool kit promotes family meals. Eat Together, Eat Better (ETEB) resources support nutrition, parent, and youth educators in teaching the importance of family meals in setting roots for a lifetime. Through three related themes—Celebrate Together, Cook Together, and Talk Together—participants discuss the benefits of family meals, discover new ways to enjoy more family meals and increase their motivation to incorporate family meals into their routine. Resources include Eat Together, Eat Better Lessons, Borrow Box, Educational Materials and Incentives, and Leader’s Guide. These materials were developed in partnership with the USDA FNS SNAP-Ed, WSU Extension Food $ense, and the Washington State Dairy Council. We wish you well in supporting the families you work with as they discover new ways to enjoy more family meals and set roots for a lifetime.