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Washington State University Nutrition Program

ETEB Lessons

Eat Together, Eat Better

The Eat Together, Eat Better lessons support nutrition, parent, and youth educators in teaching the importance of family meals in “setting roots for a life time”.

The lessons use a mix of interactive learning formats, including small- and large-group discussions, brainstorming, planning, and cooking activities. All of these activities create discussion, encourage problem solving, and develop skills to support family meals. Through three related themes—Cook Together, Talk Together, and Celebrate Together—participants will understand benefits of family meals, build skills to support family meals, and gain insight on how to incorporate family meals into their routine.

The Eat Together, Eat Better Leader’s Guide provides details on planning and delivering the lessons in the community. Supporting Educational Materials and Incentives are available to download or order.

Leader’s Materials

Associated Forms

Cook Together

Celebrate Together

Talk Together